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cute painted baby name art for Teddy

Guaranteed to be cute as heck.

To order your own painted baby name, please visit our store.

How it works: You tell us the baby name, and our artist gets to work. He creates each piece of art in pen & ink, then finishes with watercolor. We preserve each name on matte board and place the art in a plastic sleeve. 


How much it costs: You'll pay by the letter, and each letter is $7, with a maximum price of $50.* (Superhero-style name art is priced at a flat rate of $50. Please see our Etsy store for more details.) We'll mail it to you for free. 


If you request it, we'll email you a digital scan of the art, too, so you can use it online or show it off some other way.


How to make special requests: If you have suggestions about colors and themes, let us know when you place your order, or send us an email beforehand to confirm. We can't accommodate every idea, but we'll do our best to make you happy, and we'll communicate with you along the way.

Got questions or prefer ordering by emal? Drop us a line. You can also find us on Facebook.

*Please note: The $50 maximum and FREE Shipping applies to ONE NAME ONLY - even if the name is Bartholomew.  This means that if you want "Bartholomew-Maximus III," you can expect to pay a bit more. Feel free to contact me and we'll make it work...

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